Jordanians put out fire from rocket in port of Aqaba.(AFP/Getty Images)

• A rocket (and possibly several) hit the Jordanian resort town of Aqaba this morning; it was probably aimed at Eilat, and probably fired from Egyptian Sinai. According to various reports, there was one death. [NYT]

• Egypt denied that any rockets were launched from its territory. [JPost]

• President Obama personally wrote to President Abbas warning that failure to accede to direct talks would cause a serious diplomatic breach. [WP]

• Now the administration is working the Israeli side for a trilateral meeting to establish a direct negotiations framework and discuss the September expiration of the settlement freeze. [Haaretz/Forward]

• Erich Steidtmann, who was under investigation for participating in massacres of Jews around Lublin, Poland, in 1943, died at 95. [NYT]

• Israel is appointing an officer to oversee efforts to try to minimize civilian casualties in combat zones. [LAT]