Contributing editor Jeffrey Goldberg.(JeffreyGoldberg.net)

Last week, Salon reported that Tablet Magazine contributing editor Jeffrey Goldberg had erroneously “referred to Commentary editor John Podhoretz as ‘the editor of Mother Jones magazine.'” Mother Jones, of course, is actually quite liberal, whereas Commentary is quite, you know, not. “This,” writer Alex Pareene concluded, is “what happens when you hire a reporter who came up without proper supervision and toilet-training.” In his defense, Goldberg claims that he was joking. Should we believe him?

After long consideration, I think that, yes, we should. Goldberg, one of the most prominent journalists on Jewish issues in the country, ultimately deserves the benefit of the doubt when it comes to knowing who the editor of one of the most prominent Jewish journals is. (Especially when said editor is his fellow right-wing neocon Podhoretz, with whom, I have heard, Goldberg routinely plots ways to establish “a radical rethinking of what it means to be pro-Israel” that involves condemning settlements.)

Take it from us: Goldberg may not know toilets. But Jews? Jews he knows.

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