Michael Bloomberg speaking today.(Michael Nagle/Getty Images)

• A high-ranking IDF reserves officer was killed in this morning’s skirmish with Lebanon. I’ll have more on the fallout tomorrow. [Haaretz]

• “Part of being a New Yorker is living with your neighbors in mutual respect and tolerance.” My mayor, Michael Bloomberg, gave an inspiring speech at Governors Island in support of Cordoba House. [NY Daily News]

• There is another burqa ban. But this one applies to Jewish women in the Israeli town of Bet Shemesh. And it is because the burqa is thought to imply inappropriate sexuality. Very odd. [Jezebel]

• The oldest synagogue in Washington, D.C., is being moved, whole, on a flatbed truck. Also very odd. [WP]

• The New York City subway system. For Jews. [Heeb]

• Tonight, at 9 pm, the National Geographic Channel is airing an investigation into the Dead Sea Scrolls’ authorship. If you’ll be watching Shark Week instead, this backgrounder seems to have the relevant info. [National Geographic Channel]

The time: 1992. The place: The Valley. The event: Paul Rudd emceeing a very lucky young woman’s bat mitzvah.

Paul Rudd: Bat Mitzvah DJ from Jewish Forward on Vimeo.