The scene outside the Turkish Embassy in Tel Aviv.(Menahem Kahana/AFP/Getty Images)

• The latest is that Nadim Injaz, a 32-year-old Ramallah resident, had sought asylum in the Turkish embassy after having been released from Israeli jail recently and in the past been portrayed in the West Bank as an Israeli collaborator. He carried a knife and a toy gun. He was wounded by gunfire and taken to a hospital. [Laura Rozen]

• Within a year? Maybe. Within eight days? Jeff Goldberg highly doubts Israel will attack Iran that soon, despite former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton’s suggestion. [Atlantic]

• A Jewish photographer famed for staged portraits of nude crowds wants to do a shoot at the Dead Sea to draw attention to its shrinkage. Won’t be the only thing! Ah, sorry. [Jewish Chronicle]

• The Israeli economy grew at a 4.7 percent rate last quarter, biggest in over two years. [Jewish Journal]

• In New York this Thursday? Jewcy is presenting A Film Unfinished, a documentary about the Warsaw Ghetto, at Film Forum. [Jewcy]

• Jon Stewart on Park51.

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