Sage Rosenfels on his former team.(Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

In the Vox Tablet podcast I hosted, Ray Gustini and I made it clear that while we were selecting the Washington Redskins as Tablet Magazine’s official team (and that honorable mention goes to the New England Patriots), it was clear that if the Minnesota Vikings—whose owner, Zygi Wilf, is the German-born son of two Polish Holocaust survivors—did not face yet another year of Brett Favre as their starter and an idiotic head coach, Brad Childress, who insists on thinking of second-stringer Tarvaris Jackson as something resembling a professional QB, then the Vikings would be our obvious choice due to the presence on the team of (nominally) Jewish quarterback Sage Rosenfels.

Well, folks, huge news this weekend, as one team’s trash is another team’s treasure—or at least, back-up QB. The New York Giants, faced with the prospect of the abysmal and injured Jim Sorgi or no-name (if very interestingly-named) Rhett Bomar backing up their starter, Eli Manning, traded for Rosenfels. So, ladies and gentlement, please welcome him to the Tristate Area. (Meanwhile, Vikings Coach Brad Childress continues to defend Jackson as Favre’s back-up, despite Rosenfels’s stellar preseason play. Enjoy your 8-and-8 season, coach.)

So what does this mean? Recall further that the Giants are 50 percent-owned by Jewish movie producer Steve Tisch, and they of course play for the most Jewish city in the world. I think Tablet Magazine has a new official team. Just know that I will recuse myself from blogging about them after they play the Redskins, and that you’re all going to regret this when their aging offensive and defensive lines succumb to injuries and they go 6-10.

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