Meshuga Bands.(daddytypes.com)

• Laura Rozen reads the tea leaves and wonders whether Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Abbas might not meet again, next week, in New York during the U.N. General Assembly. [Laura Rozen]

• There are two different brands of Jewish Silly Bandz knock-offs. How do you decide between them? By price, naturally. [daddytypes.com]

• Woody Allen doesn’t want your shana tova. [NYT]

The Midnight Guardian, a vampire-Holocaust young-adult novel (reviewed by yours truly), made it to paperback. What a shonda! [Jewcy]

• Former Tablet Magazine staff writer Marissa Brostoff co-hosts her inaugural radio show. The topic? Park51 and being a Muslim in America. [Beyond the Pale]

• In New York? Join Jewcy at the Village’s Le Poisson Rouge for “The Greatest 3-Minute Guilt Stories Ever” [Jewcy]

Tickets went on sale today for Yo La Tengo’s eight-night Hanukkah stand in Hoboken, New Jersey. I’ve already bought mine.