Jewly Bandz. Note the offending dollar sign.(The Gloss)

The Internet erupted yesterday with implied and explicit accusations of anti-Semitism against toy-maker Benjamin Kerer, an Austrian-born Israeli who has lived in the United States for 15 years. Why? Because his company‘s “Jewly Bandz”—a Jewish-themed knock-off of the Silly Bandz wristband fad—include a green menorah, a red dreidel, and … an orange money sign.

Kerer, who was audibly upset when he spoke to Tablet Magazine over the phone, defended himself, explaining that his company “provides educational equipment to nearly every Jewish school in America.” He admitted that the dollar sign—which was meant to stand for Hanukkah gelt— “maybe wasn’t the best choice, but this is what the manufacturer chose.” He added, “Those who want to have a case against Jews will sound it with or without these ‘Silly Bandz.’” (And those who want Jewish versions of Silly Bandz will have them with or without Jewly Bands.)

But the harm may already be done: Kerer’s Website has been hacked, and he now finds himself on the defensive. “To hurt someone like me,” he complained. “I’m shocked that they would do this between the High Holidays.”

Jewish Silly Bandz Knockoffs Come In a Dollar Shape Sign [The Gloss]