Pavel Goberman.(Russian Immigrant Runs for U.S. Senate. Again.)

Ron Wyden (D-Oregon), one of the Senate’s dozen or so Jewish senators, is facing a challenge on Election Day from Russian immigrant Pavel Goberman (who appears to be Jewish himself). What’s Goberman’s deal?

Goberman believes Americans need to get in better shape, and he thinks his expertise can help incite a fitness revolution.

Goberman’s passion for exercise developed while serving in the Russian army in the 1950s. Since then he has been constructing a comprehensive exercise routine for himself and others.

Outlined in his book, Get Energized, Goberman’s fitness routine is a mixture of stretching, swimming, pull-ups, resistance-band routines and other simple exercises, most of which can be done from home.

Goberman said that his excellent health is a testament to his program’s efficacy.

“I’m in good health,” he said,” because I don’t want to give my body to doctors.”

(Wyden’s real challenger is Republican Jim Huffman. Wyden will win.)

This is altogether appropriate given that a new map that assigns U.S. states a country based on their GDPs made Oregon … Israel. (See the map: Quite the northern border!)

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