The Jewish boat, the Irene, a few days ago.(Hasan Mroue/AFP/Getty Images)

• Diplomats are aflutter trying to keep peace talks afloat now that the West Bank construction freeze has expired. [NYT]

• Three members of Islamic Jihad’s armed wing died in an Israeli bombing in Gaza. [NYT]

• According to a new Pew poll, the American religious group most knowledgeable about the Bible, Christianity, and other religions is … atheists/agnostics. Second-most is Jews. [NYT]

• Via email, a boat with Jewish activists headed for Gaza was boarded by the IDF and is being taken toward Ashdod.

• Richard Cohen says the Obama administration botched the peace process by emphasizing the freeze. [WP]

• Stanley Chais, a big investment manager and philanthropist whom federal regulators accused of mismanaging $900 million in relation to the Bernard Madoff scandal, died at 84. [NYT]