Lieberman speaking yesterday.(Mario Tama/Getty Images)

• Foreign Minister Lieberman’s U.N. speech contradicted Prime Minister Netanyahu in saying peace would take decades. “The prime minister told us that there are difficult politics on his side, and this is perhaps a manifestation,” said a U.S. diplomatic spokesperson. [NYT]

• Shmuel Rosner says Netanyahu should fire Lieberman, as do others, while also acknowledging he can’t. [Rosner’s Domain]

• Given an earlier court ruling, eviction notices for Arabs living in the East Jerusalem Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood threaten to come every day and topple the peace process. [LAT]

• In his first speech as British Labor Party leader, Ed Miliband traced his desire to aid society’s lower rungs to his parents’ having needed to escape the Nazis. [Haaretz]

• Former cardiologist writes pork cookbook. In Israel. Hey, it happens. [NYT]