Leonardo Farkas.(Jewlicious)

• The Pentagon outlined its $60 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia. [AP/Bloomberg/JPost]

• At left: This is what Leonardo Farkas, the Jewish-Chilean mining tycoon who gave the rescued miners $10,000 each, looks like. He is running for president! [Jewlicious]

• Israel politics may have played role in the disinvitation of a British-Jewish historian from a panel in Belfast. [Arutz Sheva]

• An unprecedented museum exhibition on Hitler, complete with rarely seen (in Germany) images of the Fuhrer, went up in Berlin. [JTA]

• Former Rep. Gary Condit (D-California) has written a book that touches on his affair with Chandra Levy, the 24-year-old intern who was found dead in Rock Creek Park. [CQ Politics]

• Another report on how mah jongg is back. This time with video!