The cabinent meets last Sunday.(Sebastian Scheiner/AFP/Getty Images))

• A freeze extension is simply not going to pass the Israeli cabinet as currently constituted, a study of the voting breakdown reveals. [JPost]

• Yet, Prime Minister Netanyahu insisted yesterday, current settlement construction will have no impact on any final peace resolution; he called on negotiations to continue. [Haaretz]

• Roger Cohen suggests that President Obama get behind other countries’ implied, tacit support for a U.N. resolution declaring Palestinian statehood in order to pressure Netanyahu into a serious talk about final borders. [NYT]

• Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat argues there can be no peace, or discussion of peace, while settlements are being built. [WP]

• 15 years after his assassination, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin’s legacy is murky, and fading. [NYT]

• Judd Apatow puts together a star-studded ad for the American Jewish World Service. Gilbert Gottfired, predictably, has the best line. [Jewcy]