Director Jean-Luc Godard.(New Wave Film)

• Two hundred Jewish community leaders were briefed by an FBI representative. [JTA]

• Contributing editor Jeffrey Goldberg continues to doubt official explanations that the bombs were intended for the planes rather than the synagogues. [Jeffrey Goldberg]

• Richard Brody, Jean-Luc Godard’s biographer (and a Jewish film critic), rebukes charges that the honorary Oscar recipient is an anti-Semite. [The Front Row]

• Lonely Planet ranked Tel Aviv the third best city in the world. Second place went to Tangiers, Morocco; first place went to Los Angeles New York. [JTA]

• Todd Gitlin explains why the rise of the Tea Party is not good for the Jews. [Haaretz]

• Follow David Frum’s Halloween-origins theory closely, and his premise becomes clear: Gays are the new Jews. Sounds about right. [CNN]

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