Prime Minister Netanyahu a week ago.(Jim Hollander - pool/Getty Images)

• In shades of what happened during Vice President Biden’s Israel trip in March, Israel announced the building of 1300 new units in East Jerusalem as Prime Minister Netanyahu prepared to meet with U.S. officials stateside. It was the biggest new building announcement since, well, March. [LAT]

• “My family is not anti-Israel”: An intense profile of the Corries. [NYT]

• On Yiddish and the all-important schm- prefix. [Good]

• Contributing editor Josh Cohen reviews Adam Levin’s The Instructions. Let’s pause to note that I called Levin “the Josh Cohen of the McSweeney’s set” four months ago. [NYT Book Review]

• How the Israeli military successfully integrated openly gay soldiers. [Moment]

• The late Tony Judt on New York City. Must-read. [NYT]

Nextbook Press author David Mamet appears to have written and directed some sort of gonzo, Dada-esque short starring Arianna Huffington. No, but really.