A random act of Jewish pseudo-symmetry.(DCist)

• The top State Department spokesperson condemned and disputed a Palestinian Authority official’s assertion that the Western Wall has no connection to Judaism. [JTA]

• Jewish Democratic Sens. Chuck Schumer and Carl Levin petitioned AIPAC to support the Obama administration’s START missile defense treaty, on the grounds that it would strengthen ties with Russia and thereby help deal with Iran. [Ben Smith]

• Palestinian Authority President Abbas called for the release of Gilad Schalit. It is part of the rising tensions between him and Hamas due to the WikiLeaks revelation that the P.A. was consulted before Operation Cast Lead. [JPost]

• So the Tehran airport has a gigantic Star of David carved into the outside of its roof. Seriously. [Atlantic Wire]

• Natalie Portman compares learning to dance ballet (for Darren Aronofsky’s new film) to putting on tefillin. [NYT]

• Prominent Bay Area Jewish philanthropist Richard Goldman died at 90. [JTA]

Because you asked for it (or even if you didn’t): Matisyahu does Hanukkah.