Iranian Revolutionary Guardsmen with a differnt type of long-range missile.(Behrouz Mehri/AFP/Getty Images)

• The long-range North Korean missiles that Iran obtained (according to WikiLeaks) may not be operational or all that effective. One could almost certainly not hit Western Europe from Tehran. [WP]

• Man Booker winner Howard Jacobson has written a mini-masterpiece on Hanukkah’s fundamental inferiority. [NYT]

• Egypt’s head of intelligence alleged that Iran tried to smuggle arms into Gaza via Bedouins and asked the United States to attack Iran, according to WikiLeaks. [Ynet, Arutz Sheva]

• The United States accompanied the announcement of new talks with Iran with new sanctions against Iran’s shipping lines. [LAT]

• Following the Obama administration’s condemnation, the Palestinian Authority removed from its Website an assertion that the Western Wall is not connected to Judaism. [AP/Haaretz]

• A leader of Egypt’s Jewish community had her sentence regarding an allegedly fraudulent land sale cancelled. Tablet Magazine told her story a couple months ago. [JPost]