A Jewish settlement on the outskirs of an Arab East Jerusalem neighborhood.(Jack Guez/AFP/Getty Images)

• Israel approved 625 new East Jerusalem houses, which the Palestinian Authority quickly condemned. [Haaretz]

• New WikiLeaks revelations show American concern over the rising power of Israeli organized crime. [JPost]

• Yet more revelations show that Ireland refused use of its territory for the American transfer of weapons to Israel during Operation Cast Lead, the 2008-9 Gaza conflict. [JPost]

• Of course, the revelations themselves are all just an Israeli plot, if you ask both Iran’s regime and now the deputy of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s party. [JPost]

• A profile of David Sarnat, whose Jewish Community Legacy Project is helping towns with small Jewish populations across the country maintain necessary communal institutions. [NYT]

• People were really upset with Steve Martin and Deborah Solomon’s conversation at the 92nd Street Y, and now 92Y is offering refunds, and now it’s actually news. Whatta town! [NYT]