Sure, getting to choose your all-time Jewish-American team from an illustrated selection of history’s Jewish basketball kings is great, if we may say so ourselves. But some of you had the most fun, it seems, in the naming of your team! Here’s a Hanukkah suggestion: Park your kids in front of the computer and explain to them the true meaning of Dolph Schayes; while they’re distracted, take the money you would have spent on presents and buy yourself FreeDarko’s new book, The Undisputed Guide to Pro Basketball History; and meanwhile, come up with the cleverest team name you can, and post it in the comments.

Below, some of our favorite team name suggestions from Deadspin, the sports Website that graciously linked to our little game and that is widely known for having pretty much the funniest commenters on the Internet.


Gimme a Fast Break!

UCLA Hockey Rules!

The Meshugguners


Los Angeles Clipped


Motor-City Moses’.

Always Winning

David’s All-Stars

Red Headed Step-Child

The Kvetchin’ Kosher Klutzes

Favre Fails

Miami Mensches

Creepy Old Man

LA Latke

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