Elaine Kaufman.(NYT)

• The continuing fire is being perceived as a P.R. snafu, as foreign governments are amazed that Israel cannot handle the blaze. [Ynet]

• Jeff Goldberg is certainly frustrated: “Israel is a rich country. The fact that it doesn’t possess adequate firefighting equipment is its own fault.” [Jeffrey Goldberg]

• Contributing editor David Samuels defends Julian Assange, of WikiLeaks. [Atlantic]

• Senior writer Allison Hoffman talks Jewish activism at 92Y Tribeca this Sunday. [Pursue Action]

• The Park Slope Food Co-op feuds with a Williamsburg kosher food company. Nearly every one of Tablet Magazine’s readers is interested in at least one aspect of the previous sentence, right? [NY Daily News]

• You know that Maccabeats YouTube video that has surely been emailed to you and that I’m not posting? Here are the stories behind it. [New Voices]

Elaine Kaufman died at 81. Here is Elaine’s: