After a lot of waffling, we have decided. I know this because after paying to have it engraved on a collar tag there is no way I’m letting the spawn change their minds again. I loved a lot of the Tablet suggestions (Mayhem Bialik slays me every time, and Bella Abzug, sigh) but we ultimately went with (drumroll) Slinky, the suggestion of Tablet commenter Lisa Kaiser! (To be fair, my older daughter came up with it independently. But Lisa, you win bragging rights.)

The cat’s full name is Slinky Herminia Sivivona Steuer. Slinky because it works well with Yoyo (our other kitty) and because she is a very slinky little cat. Herminia because that was her name at the shelter (aka her slave name) and Sivivona from Sivivon, because we got her on Hanukah. Thanks to everyone for playing.

Next slow day, Tablet’s readers can name our fish.

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