You probably know a few people who’ve made aliya. Driven by their strong ties to the Jewish state, they leave their homes for their ancestral homeland. Praiseworthy? Sure. Scroll worthy? Absolutely, if you’re this guy.

Meet Argov Barak, the man so blessed that he was photoshopped at birth. The 19 year-old surfer is leaving Hawaii for the holy land for the usual reasons: “Since I’m Jewish and the son of an ex-Israeli citizen I feel obligated to serve in the IDF. And in any case, the Israeli girls are the most beautiful girls in the world.”

Fine and noble reasons. Our loss is obviously a win for Israeli connoisseurs, but not all of Barak’s dreams can come true. “His first wish was to enlist in an elite unit; however medical problems prevent him from doing so.” My guess? Either that smile blinded his fellow troops, or this is just a cover to use his rock hard abs to deflect bullets.

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