(Photo: Shimon Gifter for VIN News)

• Two old school pro-settlement members of Likud are floating around an idea where Israel will withdraw large numbers of settlers and replacing them with soldiers. We’ll be watching this one.[Haaretz]

• Today, a New York press conference meant to shame “pig” Henry Kissinger into apologizing for his recent remarks turned interesting. Assemblyman Dov Hikind made a pivot and called on Mayor Michael Bloomberg to return the Henry A. Kissinger Prize Hizzoner won earlier this year. [Vosisneias]

• Jewcy has a list of their 10 favorite books of the year. Ten of something is pretty good, sure. It’s not 100 though. [Jewcy]

• The Jewish Federations of North America will donate $2.4 million to help with the forest fire recovery. [JTA]

• Democratic Rep Ron Klein vows to protect Israel foreign aid from Republican trimming in the new House. [JPost]

• Can Jews read E-Books on Shabbat? The answer within! [Atlantic]

The Tablet-Official Greatest Jewish Song of All Time.