• Angry relatives of the dead disrupted Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech at a ceremony for those killed in last month’s forest fire. [AP/NYT]

• The United Nations declined to rule on a Lebanese request to protect its territorial waters from Israeli encroachment. This brewing scuffle was prompted by the massive offshore energy find. [JTA]

• The IDF is investigating the recent death of a 36-year-old Palestinian protestor; some officials have anonymously claimed she had a pre-existing condition that made tear gas fatal. [WP]

• Gal Beckerman explains how Russian-Jewish oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky has stood up for his country (while not really identifying with the Jews). [Forward]

• Israel asked the U.S. to ban IHH, the Turkish charity, alleged to have links to radical Islamist groups, that sponsored the flotilla. [Reuters/Haaretz]

• Longtime manager Diane Becker gets Elaine’s now that its owner, Elaine Kaufman, has passed. [NYT]