From a Washington, D.C., bus stop.(Prince of Petworth)

• Iranian officials pledged the Islamic Republic would sue Israel for “crimes against humanity and our scientists” in relation to the 10-member spy ring they say that they uncovered and that killed a physicist. [Arutz Sheva]

• Also, Iran threatens revenge for Purim. Omigod did they not read the story they totally started it. [Arutz Sheva]

• Was a Champions League match that Hapoel Tel Aviv lost fixed? [Haaretz]

• On the privacy of the late Debbie Friedman’s private life. [The Sisterhood]

• You may soon be able to walk into your nearest Subway (which statistically cannot possibly be more than half-a-block from wherever you are) and order a falafel sandwich. [Negev Rock City]

• Oy Boyz! (Apparently a D.C. hip-hop act.) [Prince of Petworth]

“The world’s first Jewish social network” sure has an aggressive and incoherent ad campaign!