Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.(Wikipedia)

• Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was able to get out of bed and stand at her room’s window. She will be moved out of her intensive care unit and to a facility in Houston tomorrow. [NYT]

• The IDF will discharge the soldier who allegedly shot an innocent 66-year-old Palestinian in Hebron during a raid of Hamas earlier this month. [WP]

• A major debate is taking place over funding of Israeli human rights NGOs, some of which, right-wing critics say, contribute to the deligitimization of Israel. [WP]

• Sonia Peres, the wife of the Israeli president, died at 87. She and Shimon were married for 65 years. [JPost]

• The Iranian population is slowly adjusting to raised prices, which are the result of slashed subsidies. [WSJ]

• Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution was the talk of the Arab Economic Summit. [LAT]