President Shimon Peres at his wife’s funeral today.(Oded Balilty/AFP/Getty Images)

• Sonia Peres, the wife of Israeli President Shimon, had her funeral today. Oh, and here, pretty much, is Zionism explained: “When asked once why she chose to stay away from the public eye, Peres said: ‘I married a dairy farmer.’” [Haaretz]

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• BREAKING: Some people argued over what it means to be pro-Israel. [Ben Smith]

• Hussein Agha and Robert Malley argue that the status quo is going to remain, well, the status quo. [NY Books]

• Sacha Baron Cohen will be playing Saddam Hussein in a forthcoming movie. Sure, why not? [Animal NY]

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“Some of you so called boycotters are just assholes,” declared Macy Gray, announcing she and her band would indeed play an upcoming gig in Tel Aviv. Here is that one Macy Gray song I know!