Rahm Emanuel yesterday.(Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The Illinois Supreme Court issued an emergency partial stay on yesterday’s appellate court ruling that barred Rahm Emanuel from running for mayor of Chicago on February 22. While the high court hasn’t yet decided whether to grant Emanuel’s request for “expedited consideration” of his appeal, it stayed the opinion and ordered his name to appear on all ballots currently being printed.

Yesterday, on The Scroll, election law expert Rick Hasen predicted that the Illinois Supreme Court would overturn yesterday’s 2-1 ruling, which contradicted the Chicago Board of Elections, a trial judge, and a strongly worded dissent; in Slate, Hasen explained why it should. However, today in Tablet Magazine, Rachel Shteir, who has already argued that the former White House chief-of-staff won’t win, asserted that the damage from yesterday’s ruling may be pronounced even if it is overturned.

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