President Hosni Mubarak gives his non-farewell speech.(NYT)

• President Mubarak transferred some power to Vice President Omar Suleiman—here’s what you need to know about him—but vowed to stay on as president until the September elections. Shockingly, the hundreds of thousands of protesters who have been demanding his departure for nearly three weeks were not satisfied. Hard to believe it will satisfy President Obama, who today declared we were “witnessing history unfold,” either. [NYT]

• Obituaries of the 37 Jewish men and women of the U.S. armed forces who died in Iraq and Afghanistan. [Forward]

• Syria and Qatar offered Hamas $50 million to keep kidnapped soldier Gilad Schalit and not do an exchange deal with Israel: This according to none other than Mubarak, who informed a U.S. diplomat, who then reported it in a cable since released by WikiLeaks. [JPost]

• Jewish settlers’ third annual Hebron 10K road race will, for the first time, pass through the Palestinian areas of Hebron itself. Stay classy, guys. [972]

• “The Dead Rabbis Society of Brooklyn” may not be great search-engine optimization bait, but it’s a damn fine headline. [The Brooklyn Ink]

• Alan Slifka, founder of the Big Apple Circus as well as of the Abraham Fund Initiatives—which aimed to bring about increased Jewish-Arab cooperation in Israel—died at 81. [NYT]

The Sway Machinery, the cantorial funk outfit (not a typo), has a new album coming out. And a new video: