One of the Iranian ships.(-/AFP/Getty Images)

• The United States is reviewing the billions of dollars in annual arms sales it makes to Arab countries now caught up in various forms of internal upheaval. [WSJ]

• The Islamic Republic took great pains to convince the world that Israel was correct to describe its sending of two ships through the Suez Canal as a “provocation.” Israel hasn’t bitten, though. [WP]

• In one diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks, we learn that Libya dictator Muammar Gaddafi—still clinging to power—had a plan to bring peace to the Mideast that involved a single state called “Isratine.” [NYT]

• In recent weeks, Hamas, emboldened and enabled by the Egyptian uprising, has upped its rate of smuggling arms and people. [WSJ]

• Guess who looks dumb and ineffective now? Al Qaeda. [WSJ]

• Rahm. [NYT]