Prime Minister Fayyad last year.(Gali Tibbon-Pool/Getty Images)

• Fatah is calling for a boycott of the United States and a day of rage owing to last Friday’s veto of the anti-settlements Security Council resolution; Prime Minister Fayyad says he’d be willing to forego aid. [JPost]

• Turkey and Libya: The ties that bind. [Hurriyet]

• Prime Minister Netanyahu granted a personal request from President Abbas to allow 300 Palestinians living in Libya to be evacuated to the West Bank. [The Lede]

• The U.S. sanctioned two prominent Iranian officials for their roles in the crackdown of 2009’s Green Revolution. [Reuters]

• British novelist Ian McEwan defended his acceptance of the Jerusalem Prize for literature, praising Israel for offering “a true democracy of opinion.” [JPost]

• How Rahm won—and how he’s always won. [Politico]

“Palestinian armor, golden rocket launchers,” Raekwon raps in his new single. Do with it what you will. Wu Tang Clan remains nothin’ to … well, you know.

Raekwon-Molasses (Feat Ghostface Rick Ross)-revo by Revolution Media Group