• Tragically, Iran’s nuclear program has once again run into difficulties. More on this later. [NYT]

• An Israeli panel cleared the military in the botched assassination of a Hamas leader, which killed 13 civilians. [NYT]

• The Southern Poverty Law Center has added Pamela Geller and her organization Stop the Islamization of America to their list of hate groups. [New York Daily News]

• Led by the Arab nations, the United Nations Security Council unanimously(!) voted to impose an arms embargo on Libya, to sanction Muammar Gaddafi, his relatives and closest allies, and to refer him to the International Criminal Court for possible war crimes. [Laura Rozen]

• Bernie Madoff calls collect. [New York Magazine]

• Jay Landesman, Beat writer and cultural macher, is dead. He was 91. [NYT]

• In non-Jewish, but important news: Frank Buckle, the last U.S. veteran of World War I, died this morning. He was 110. [AFP]