The Battleaxe.(OkCupid)

On the dating Website OkCupid, you can apparently take a “dating persona test” that tells you what type of person you are vis-à-vis relationships, ostensibly so that you can match yourself to good fits on the site. A friend noticed that one of these—“The Battleaxe”—contains some features that maybe uncomfortably jibe with a certain gender-ethnic stereotype? Starting with that picture; continuing to the description (“Controlling? Imperious? Overbearing? Yes, please”); and extending even to its “exact female opposite,” “The Nurse” (who is a “Random Gentle Sex Dreamer,” in contrast to The Battleaxe’s “Deliberate Brutal Love Master”)?

Or maybe not. What do you think? Also, and especially since it is International Women’s Day, is there a problem with The Battleaxe even if you throw out the ethnic angle?

The Dating Persona Test [OkCupid]