Weiser leads an exercise class.(Haaretz)

She may not lower her naked bottom onto Eminem’s face, but Liesel Weiser, a 94-year-old gymnastisc instructor and the grandmother of comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, is as manically active as her famous progeny. In her quarters at a seaside retirement community in the Israeli town of Bat Yam, Weiser, a former dancer, teaches physical fitness and ballet to her fellow senior citizens, Haaretz reports in a profile today. Her students may all be nonagenarians—the oldest is 99 years old—but Weiser insists that old age is no excuse for inaction. “People of a certain age get used to not doing anything all day long,” she says. “And that’s not good.” She loves her daily exercise routine, she says, but no moment is as satisfying as receiving the weekly bouquet of flowers from her grandson, the man behind such hilariously crude characters as Kazakh reporter Borat and the fashion-obsessed Austrian Bruno. And while Weiser probably won’t be rushing out to the multiplex to see her pride and joy assault strangers with dildos, an inscription from Baron-Cohen hanging in Weiser’s room reveals much about the relationship between the two. “You,” wrote her little Sacha, “are my inspiration for how to live life.”

Flowers for Bruno’s Grandmother [Ha’aretz, in Hebrew]