Sundown: Syrian Stonewalling Called Out

Plus whom Anne Frank belongs to, and more

By Marc Tracy|March 9, 2011 5:00 PM

• A U.S. diplomat warned Syria that it would continue to press for comprehensive international nuclear inspections, which Syria is currently resisting. [AP/JPost [1]]

• The six best Jewish cookbooks. [Saveur [2]]

• Ruth Franklin weighs what it means to consider Anne Frank’s story a universal one, as opposed to a particularly Jewish one. [TNR [3]]

• At a memorial for former Prime Minister Menachem Begin—the first Likud PM—Benjamin Netanyahu chastised West Bank settlers that harass Palestinians. [Haaretz [5]]

• The latest This American Life, whose theme is gifts, has much of interest to Tablet Magazine readers, from the reading of an Etgar Keret short story to a tale of an Israeli marijuana sting. [TAL [6]]

• Thirty Jewish Studies faculty members in the University of California system urged the Orange County prosecutor to drop charges against 11 Muslim students who interrupted [7] Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren at Irvine last year. [JTA [8]]

It occurred to me that two of the three Jewish intellectuals [9] contributing editor Ruth R. Wisse wrote about this week are also two of the three Jewish intellectuals in Zelig’s opening.

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