Tokyo.(STR/AFP/Getty Images)

• President Obama’s course is essentially to support regime change in North Africa and reform, but not regime change, elsewhere in the Arab world. [NYT]

• The operating manager of Gaza’s only power plant disappeared in Ukraine last month; his relatives allege Mossad has kidnapped him, and there is confirmation he is being held in an Israeli facility. [NYT]

• Prime Minister Netanyahu’s 32 percent approval rating is a new low, and there are questions about how long he can stay in power. [LAT]

• Meet the Egyptian general who is the main Pentagon liason to the folks running the country. [NYT]

• Sixty prisoners, including two put in jail for helping shoot Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, will be freed. [Ynet]

• The biggest news, of course, is the 8.9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that has hit Japan, along with the tsunami warning for the U.S. West Coast. [NYT]