A tallis (and a cute ankle-length dress) for sale at an Upper East Side H&M.(Jezebel)

• Israeli and American Jewish groups are mobilizing to help respond to the Honshu earthquake. To donate through the Jewish Funds of North America, go here. [JTA]

• Sen. John McCain came out in favor of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard’s release. [JTA]

• Aaron David Miller on why 2011 “is going to be a great year for Middle East peace initiatives, but likely a very bad one for Middle East peace”—“a lot of process but not much peace.” [IHT]

• H&M sells tallit now. Punch-line not necessary. [Jezebel]

• The new Israeli left. [The Nation]

• Porn (artistic porn!) collides with neighboring Hasidim on the Lower East Side. [Art Info]

• Some Orthodox Israeli rabbis are marrying gay men to lesbians. [Haaretz]

News of Dan Snyder’s evil has reached Taiwan. This can only be for the good.