• There is, apparently, an “entire marketplace” of Bernie Madoff tchotchkes. For those who lost their fortunes, they’re no doubt as comforting as “Bushisms” calendars were to Democrats a few years back. [NYMag]
• But is the con man’s wife suffering unduly? The poor woman can’t even get highlights. [NYT]
• And it still doesn’t seem quite right that George W. should join Hitler and Saddam Hussein on condoms offering a double layer, if you will, of birth control. [Dieline]
• A three-month Tony Kushner festival in Minneapolis offers something for everyone, and that’s just in the playwright’s newest work, The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures. (Apparently, he’s also writing a screenplay about Abraham Lincoln with Steven Spielberg!) [CNN]
• A job fair in New York City used kosher jelly beans and Tabasco to try to lure Orthodox families to take gigs in flyover states. Maybe they should have just offered pedophile-free pita. [NYT]
• A Sports Illustrated column about Jewish baseball player Ian Kinsler manages to refer to Manischevitz, matzo balls, blintzes, bar mitzvahs, prune hamentaschen, kvetching, and something called “the proverbial Louisville Torah.” [SI]