The requested Elohim Embassy a.k.a. Third Temple. That appears to be a flying saucer in the background.(The Raelian Movement)

The Raëlian Church—which believes, briefly, that humanity was created by extraterrestrials called Elohim (wonder where they got that?), and agrees with Judaism and Christianity that the Messiah will appear in modern-day Israel; there’s also lots of sex stuff—awarded Ilan Pappé, a prominent left-wing Israeli “New Historian” who now teaches in Britain, its Honorary Guide of Humanity title. “Pappé’s views about the situation in Palestine are in full agreement with those expressed by Raël,” said a Church spokeswoman (oh right, Raël, he’s like the leader, and is also a “racing-car driver” and a “singer-songwriter”). “They include the solution of a one-Palestine state where Jewish and Palestinian people would live together peacefully; the need to grant Right to Return to Palestinians; asking for recognition by the international community of racist crimes committed by the state of Israel.”

She added, “The world has been manipulated far too long by the Jewish community. It uses guilt and fear to paralyze the public so people don’t denounce the obvious genocide Israel is perpetrating.” She did not, however, also blame the Jews for manipulating the public so as not to accept the obvious creation of mankind by extraterrestrials, so we’ve got that going for us. “There was only one reason to create the state of Israel,” she concluded. “To gather around the Messiah people who have the mission of peacefully welcoming those who created us.”

I reached Professor Pappé for comment. He declined. Which was probably the smart thing to do.

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