The head of Egypt’s Coptic Christian Church votes Saturday.(-/AFP/Getty Images)

• A significant majority of more than 18 million Egyptians voted in constitutional reforms supported by the ruling military and the Muslim Brotherhood, paving the way to September parliamentary elections. [NYT]

• Hamas shellacked Israel Saturday with mortar rounds from Gaza, breaking the two-year ceasefire and prompting a response from Israeli tanks and helicopters. More at 10 am. [NYT]

• Israel claims it has custody of a Palestinian engineer who went missing in Ukraine in February. Mossad is suspected. [JPost]

• Syria continues to experience a strong taste of the popular upheavals that have seized most other Arab states. [AP/WP]

• Arab League head Amr Moussa, who also wants to be president of Egypt, objected to airstrikes on Libya one day after they began with Arab League backing. [AP/WP]

• Sarah Palin is wheels-down in the Holy Land. [Reuters/Haaretz]