A Hamas compound in Gaza destroyed by the strikes today.(Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images)

• Israel’s retaliatory attack for Hamas’ weekend mortaring killed eight, including three children. The IDF regretted those deaths but blamed Hamas for staging attacks from residential areas. [LAT]

• Turkey seized an Iranian plane en route to Syria that turned out to be loaded with weapons. [JPost]

• The right-wing blogosphere is accusing journalists David Corn and Chris Matthews of making and laughing at, respectively, an anti-Semitic joke. To call the charge “flimsy” is an insult to flimsy accusations. [Mediaite]

• Julian Schnabel talks Miral with the Times. Very good interview. [NYT]

• Gene Simmons of Kiss has no interest in your Israel-boycotting. [AP/ABC]

• After defeating the traditionally Jewish-affiliated Ajax Dutch soccer club, a player on another team chanted anti-Semitic slogans. He has since apologized. [JTA]

Sonic comes around to the fact that Coney Island is no longer what it used to be—and therefore that Coney Island hot dogs shouldn’t be, either.