Bo Belinsky and Ann-Margret. Awesome.(Life)

• Hamas and Islamic Jihad condemned the Jerusalem bombing today. And by condemned, I mean praised it as a “natural response to Israeli crimes.” (The Palestinian Authority, by contrast, actually did condemn it.) [JPost]

• In the course of reviewing Los Angeles’s new Holocaust museum, Edward Rothstein essentially asks if there are too many such places. [NYT]

• Rabbi Rick Jacobs, the designated new head of Reform Judaism, talks about his movement’s rivalry with Chabad. From 2008. [New Voices]

• On Bo Belinsky, the California Angels pitcher from the 1960s who was the original athlete-playboy (at least publicly). His mother was Jewish. [Deadspin]

• Tablet Magazine contributor Daniel Estrin reports on Jerusalem’s brand-new light rail system. [Business Week]

• A small gallery in a small town in northern Israel has slowly grown into what will be a permanent museum of Arab-Israeli and Palestinian art. [NYT]

Here’s an epic Vanity Fair piece from last year about the even more epic marriage(s) of Richard Burton and the late, lamented Elizabeth Taylor. And here they are in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?