(The Postcard Collector)

• Maryland’s legislature is forcing a French train company to release its World War Two-era records—ahem, a French train company during World War Two—if it wants its American subsidiary to be able to bid to run two lines of the Maryland Area Regional Commuter, or MARC, train. Maryland is the best state in the union. [JTA]

• A company is being sued for allegedly manufacturing electric, kosher-for-Shabbat locks that can be opened with a magnet. [NYT]

• At the Conservative confab in Las Vegas, Sue Fishkoff finds concern for institutions’ futures. [JTA]

• Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon argues that violent Palestinian anti-Semitism does not find its roots in the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. [WSJ]

• Politics & Prose—The Scroll’s favorite bookstore—has been sold, though not to the group that included contributing editor Jeffrey Goldberg. [WP]

• A heartfelt dispatch from the front lines of the New York City high school admissions process. [Gotham Schools]

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