• If you didn’t know that today was BDS (Boycott, Divest And Sanction) and BIG (Buycott Israeli Goods) day, I envy you with every fiber of my being. Go, be free, live your life—but otherwise, at least note the place where protest borders on parody. [Jewcy]

• Peter Cole, the co-author of Nextbook Press’s rapidly upcoming new release Sacred Trash translates and discusses Kabalist poetry. [Paris Review]

• Juban’s (Jewish Cubans) are exploring their religion. [Forward]

• Syria’s President Assad declared in a much-anticipated speech that the violent unrest in his country are entirely reasonable, and enforcing an “Australian agenda.” No, not really. [Haaretz]

• If you’re going to read just one essay about the history of handwriting this year, read contributing editor Josh Cohen’s. [triple canopy]

Angry Birds may become the go-to metaphor for this generation.