Abboud al-Zomor, a onetime radical, claims he is giving up violence for the ballot box.(NYT)

• Goldstone: My bad. (More at 10.) [WP]

• How Iran lies behind all of the United States’ calculations during this time of regional upheaval. [NYT]

• In Egypt, the religious radicals are very much involving themselves in the political process, and are likely to achieve success (and the grand mufti says this is all workable). [NYT]

• Ever since Hezbollah toppled Lebanon’s Western-backed government, the U.S. has halted weapons shipments. [WSJ]

• Israel will likely soon approve nearly one thousand new houses in East Jerusalem. [AP/WP]

• Israel is appealing to the U.N. to stop a planned May Gaza flotilla, like last year’s. [Reuters/NYT]