• Federal prosecutors have not decided whether to charge alleged U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum shooter James von Brunn with a hate crime. The D.C. city council is urging them to do so. [JTA]
• Meanwhile, Jewish institutions fret over how to buck up security without becoming unwelcoming. [JTA]
• A 1979 State Department legal opinion stating that the Israeli settlements are against international law, long disregarded by U.S. presidents, is newly relevant, but the Obama administration has avoided directly addressing it. [WP]
• Netanyahu will be the first Israeli P.M. not to attend the Jewish Agency’s annual board meeting; he canceled his appearance next week because the group has refused to guarantee Natan Sharansky’s appointment as agency chairman. [JPost]
• Lieberose, a former Nazi death camp near Berlin, has been consecrated as a Jewish cemetery. [AP]