Kosher sangria.(Thrillist)

Yesterday, in the other daily magazine of Jewish life and culture, contributing editor Joan Nathan reported on the growing trend of dining out for Seder, complete with restaurants competing to offer the coolest menus. (The granddaddy, as Nathan notes, is the proto-locavore Savoy, which is about a block away from Tablet Magazine’s SoHo office.) Three specific meals caught my attention:

• Craigie On Main, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, whose logo is literally a pig, is serving a fabulous-looking prix fixe without any pork and with, as could probably be guessed, an emphasis on Sephardic dishes and fat. Because fat is delicious.

• Aaron Israel, sous chef at Mile End, is cooking Seder for the James Beard Foundation’s pop-up restaurant. It’s already sold out, natch.

• Octavia’s Porch, in the East Village, wins for two reasons. First, they are careful enough to be charging $36 for the meal. Second, they are offering two hours of bottomless Manischewitz sangria, which sounds like it will be so good, you’ll taste it twice, if you catch my drift.

Seder for Two, Please: Restaurants Court Tradition [NYT]