Prime Minister Netanyahu earlier this week.(Yin Dongxun/AFP/Getty Images)

• It looks like the Netanyahu address to the U.S. Congress will probably happen. Would be the first one from an Israeli prime minister in five years. [John Boehner Press Release]

• An Italian activist for the (extremely) pro-Palestinian International Solidarity Movement was kidnapped in Gaza by an even more radical jihadist group, which is trying to ransom him off for the release of several prisoners being held by Hamas. [Ma’an News]

• Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, and Israel all come under criticism in a new U.S. State Department human rights report. [Forward]

• A Jewish man who received a liver transplant 13 years ago is … yup. [Healthzone via JustASC]

• Dmitriy Salita picks up another win at his home ring in Brighton Beach. [Kaplan’s Korner]

• Novelist Abraham Rothberg died at 89. [NYT]

Pauline Kael and Woody Allen discuss cinema. Why isn’t television as it was in 1975? At least Jim Lehrer still looks exactly the same.