Helen Thomas, who will be honored at Move Over AIPAC.(Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images)

• Two Palestinian teenagers from a nearby village were arrested for and confessed to last month’s Fogel murders. [NYT]

• Syria’s President Assad declared a number of reforms, including his plan to lift the country’s emergency law, in an address Saturday. Which didn’t stop ample protesting yesterday, “a sound rejection of Mr. Assad’s reform package.”

• Secretary of State Clinton accused Iran of trying to co-opt uprisings throughout the Arab world for its own benefit. [AP/WP]

• The teenager critically injured in the school bus attack near Gaza died. [Haaretz]

• Israel prepared for Passover, including its routine closure of the West Bank. [AP/WP]

• Several leftist groups are planning a “Move Over AIPAC” conference/protest in response to May’s annual AIPAC conference in Washington, D.C. Helen Thomas, Stephen Walt, and John Mearsheimer will speak, which—in all honesty—is pretty damning of Walt and Mearsheimer, no? [JTA]