President Obama at his traditional intimate Seder last Monday.(White House)

Passover: It ain’t over yet! Here are some great articles that have come over the transom in the past week or so. For all of Tablet Magazine’s coverage, go here.

• What the Obamas ate, complete with recipes (including contributing editor Joan Nathan’s Moroccan charoset truffles). [White House]

• Blowtorch-wielding rabbis! Making a kitchen K for P is hardcore. [WSJ]

• Passover forces the Jewish thirtysomething (in this case, the great Dahlia Lithwick) to wonder: Who should lead the Seder? Resultant, deeper questions ensue. [Slate]

• Is Pharoah correctly perceived as a villain? #slatepitches [Slate]

• The Passover story’s lessons for contemporary military strategy and theory. This is cool. [Danger Room]

• The pedagogy behind the Four Sons. [GothamSchools]

• A dispatch from the Kinky Jews Passover Seder. “Kinky” actually turns out to be an understatement. [Unorthodox Gymnastics]

• From last year, quite possibly my favorite post I’ve ever written on The Scroll. [The Scroll]