Snyder Tries, Fails To Explain Lawsuit

Meanwhile, anti-Semitism charge goes unretracted

By Marc Tracy|April 27, 2011 12:00 PM

Dan Snyder, the horrible miscreant owner of the Washington Redskins who somehow [1] lassoed the Simon Wiesenthal Center into ludicrously accusing [2] an alternative weekly newspaper of anti-Semitism, is back in the news: Yesterday, he withdrew the libel suit he had filed [3] in New York court against Washington City Paper and refiled [4] it in D.C. And he also published an op-ed [5] in the Washington Post—I’d call it a cri de coeur, but that would imply Snyder has a coeur—explaining why he feels compelled to sue the paper over its sportswriter Dave McKenna’s brilliant polemic, “The Cranky Redskins Fan’s Guide to Dan Snyder,” which you all should read [6]. (And how about donating to the Washington City Paper legal defense fund [7]?)

The op-ed does not mention the anti-Semitism charge, which is predicated on this image’s allegedly being “associated,” in the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s words, “with virulent anti-Semitism going back to the Middle Ages, deployed by the genocidal Nazi regime, by Soviet propagandists, and even in 2011 by those who still seek to demonize Jews.” However, I have nowhere read the Center retract that utterly absurd allegation (the image clearly depicts a picture of Snyder defaced, in scribbles, by a “cranky Redskins fan” rather than the argument that Jews are Satanic). I left a message with the Center requesting further clarification yesterday, although, as was Tablet Magazine, it was closed for the final two days of Passover.

I will say this: I am glad that Snyder chose an offseason week to do this, when there is nothing football-related that should be demanding his attention instead. You know, other than tomorrow’s draft [8]. SELL THE TEAM.

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